Choose the right ski touring binding

Earlier i wrote about choosing the right ski touring ski on our blog and now it´s time for the just as important binding. 

Just as with the skis it´s important to decide what you are supposed to use the ski for. If your more into resort skiing and just want to do a short ski tour every now and then you should go for a binding like the Kingpin from Marker. What ever binding you choose i could really recommend you to buy a tech-binding. 

For me who´s more into proper ski touring there are a couple of things that´s most important for me. 

  • Weight - yes light is right
  • Function - It have to be easy to use, always 
  • Durability - No one want´s to end up with a broken binding 

I have been working with Dynafit myself for many years and are impressed over how they have been able to keep on pushing the limits for a good ski touring binding.

To go back to the 3 key factors i have used when choosing a ski touring binding, weight is the most important for me. Some periods during the winter I can be out ski touring for up to 10 days in a row - a light setup is Alpha Omega in these cases. I often try to lighten the rest of my gear to, like backback and clothing in general.
We often say that 1 kg on your feet is like 5 kg on your back and just imagine how many times you move your ski on the ski touring uphill.  

The argument against light binding is the durability (which takes us in in the next topic) on the binding which is not the case anymore. 10 years ago the light year often broke but nowdays the binding are much better and I don´t see broken bindings especially often. In general I often recommend people to buy binding from big producers that have been around and avoid new bindings when they are realeased. It´s often good to wait a year and see if there are some problems with the binding that occurs when it´s released on the market. 

So producers like Dynafit, Marker, G3, Plum & Salomon will all be good alternatives on a light binding. 

The function on the ski touring binding will be the third thing to think about when your supposed to choose a binding. Is it easy to adjust in lenght, or is it fixed length? Plastic vs metall? In general you can say the easier the system is the easier it will be to use, even with cold fingers in the midle of a snowstorm. 

My favourite binding have always been the Dynafit Speed Radical. It´s cheap, adjustable, it´s possible to go flat with it seems to be impossible to break. One of the bindings i have used on a couple of 100 ski tours ;) 


Nowdays i mainly use the new Dynafit Superlight 2 - it´s not adjustable but stable and solid. A really good thing with this one is that you´re actually able to put on a ski stopper on it if your fed up with ski touring and want to go to the ski resort for a day.


A similar binding to this would be the G3 ION LT 12, Salomon MTN, Dynafit TLT Speed. 

Have a safe winter out there everyone! 

Written by Oscar Almgren


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