Ski touring season have started!

| Nov 13, 2017 12:21:13 PM

| Stranda, Ski touring, Uteguiden, Strandafjellet

The snow have been dumping like crazy the last couple of days here in Stranda and we can eventually say that the ski season have started! 

Today i met up with good friend and partner Martin who´s running the magazine På Stranda up at the ski resort in Stranda. The perfect spot for preseason ski touring in low visibility (yes the snow kept hammering down). Check out all the pictures on our facebook - page.

The skiing was just as fun as normally and it´s a great feeling to get the endorfine´s boiling before it´s time to get back to the office.  

This snowfall was really promising for the avalanche course´s we´re running in the start of the season. 
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Written by Oscar Almgren

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